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Like most great things, the creation of smoked coffee was somewhat accidental. At one point we had wanted to try to infuse coffee beans with hemp, and in the process of burning the hemp we noticed that the coffee beans had become smoked rather than roasted. We figured we were on to something amazing and began experimenting with different types of wood to smoke our beans.

As avid outdoor enthusiasts and ordinary people, we felt the need to create a space that was modest but served quality coffee products. A place that not only had deep roots in the community, but also was a place that anyone could walk into and feel welcome. The only thing we want to impress our customers with is the exceptional quality of our products and our outstanding service. We believe in the importance of community connection and openly support charities and organizations local to Grande Prairie that we are passionate about. Ole Smokes Coffee is proud to call Grande Prairie home, and is locally owned and operated.